Dear Tuire,

Our Region would be lucky to have such a qualified and competent Toastmaster you as our next International Director. For over 10 years I have known you to be one of the most committed and supportive Toastmasters in our district.  Over the years you have developed your strong, firm, practical and yet always warm and friendly social skills to excel as a dependable leader and confident motivator in our organization.

You were one of the first to recognize the value of and support the easy-Speak website solution as an important tool for our district’s becoming world number one in quality and growth.  You’ve stepped up to give trainings to countless club and district officers over the years.

I’ve also seen you as a role model who has helped us smooth the growth of our district from one into two and, now, into six districts in Continental Europe.  Especially at this moment in our organization’s evolution, the introduction of Pathways and the reformation of our European districts, need a strong leader with the historical perspective and knowledge that you have.

I can strongly endorse you, Tuire Vuolasvirta, in your campaign for Region 10 International Director.

Very best regards,

Bill Monsour DTM

Former Division Director, District Parliamentarian and easy-Speak System Administrator

Tuire is an inspirational leader. This may sound utopic but it’s exactly what she managed to transmit first time we met. She managed not only to make me enroll in a Toastmasters club right away but also to serve as a coach and person to look at. Tuire is someone to learn from and of course to have around for good fun.

Luis Garcia

Area Director 2014-2015

A born leader! A visionary! Courageous. Capable. Competent. These words describe Tuire Vuolasvirta.

I have known Tuire for more than 5 years. We have worked on many aspects of communication and leadership together, most importantly, the Women in Leadership Development Program we offered prospective leaders in District 95. We co-wrote and co-taught (with another) this program to potential women leaders from across Europe (2016/17). Her story is as unique as she is. Her leadership experience is vast and global. Her understanding of and love for Toastmasters is profound. Tuire Vuolasvirta is a most impressive candidate for International Director.

Paddy Kennedy

Principal / Kennedy Communication Studio

October 2017

I’ve been working with Tuire in the district team in the old times when her position was called Lieutenant Governor Education. I was impressed by the diligence she put in every piece of her work. All her communication was crafted around a clear goal – to make our district the best educated one in the world. Though strict at times, Tuire never forgot to praise her team and stand for them when needed. She has the heart of a volunteer and the mindset of a manager that make her so efficient in all she does in Toastmasters.

She’s one of the people I can describe as those who are able to see how good others can be. And then, they’re giving them a chance to find it out on their own.

Joanna Chmiel, DTM 2016

Division Director of the year 2014-2015

District Administration Manager 2016-2017